Prosumer Best Automatic Espresso Machine are famous for serious home makers. Who want to make café-quality espresso drinks? They offer advanced features than other expresso machines. It includes temperature stability, programmable shot volume, and steam pressure control. In this article we will discuss the best prosumer espresso machines. And what sets them apart from automatic machines.

Profitec Pro 700

The Profitec Pro 700 is a dual boiler espresso machine maintains excellent temperature stability and control.


It features a large 2.1-liter steam boiler and a 0.75-liter brew boiler, both made of stainless steel. 

PID Temperature

The machine has PID temperature control. Which allows to set the temperature to the exact preferable degree. 

Commercial grade

The Pro 700 also features a commercial-grade rotary pump. This ensures consistent pressure during extraction.

Rocket Espresso R58

The Rocket Espresso R58 is popular dual boiler Best Automatic Espresso Machine that is known for its best quality and good performance. 

Boiler and Brew boiler

It has a large 1.8-liter steam boiler and a 0.58-liter brew boiler, both made of brass and copper. The machine has PID temperature control and a commercial-grade rotary pump. 

pressure gauge

The allow a unique dual pressure gauge which displays both boiler and brew pressure.

La Marzocco Linea Mini

The La Marzocco Linea Mini is a high-end machine famous for its commercial quality and performance. 

steam boiler and brew boiler 

It has a 2-liter steam boiler and a 0.17-liter brew boiler, both made of stainless steel.

Commercial rotary pump

The machine has PID temperature control and a commercial-grade rotary pump. It results in more even extraction.

ECM Synchronika

The ECM Synchronika is a dual boiler machine that is famous for its German engineering. It has a large 2.4-liter steam boiler and a 0.75-liter brew boiler, both made of stainless steel. The machine has PID temperature control and a commercial-grade rotary pump. 


It allows a feature of E61 group head that enable a stable temperature during extraction.

Lelit Bianca

The Lelit Bianca is a unique machine that offers a lot of advanced features at an affordable price. It has a large 1.5-liter steam boiler and a 0.8-liter brew boiler, both made of stainless steel. The machine has PID temperature control and a vibration pump.


It has feature of manual flow of control knob. Which allows to adjust the flow rate during extraction for best working. 

Expensive than entry-level machines

Prosumer Best Automatic Espresso Machine are more expensive than entry-level machines. But they offer more advanced features and greater control over the brewing process. 

Important feature of prosumer machines is PID

The key features that sets of machines apart from entry-level machines is their dual boiler system.

Dual boiler machine

Dual boiler machines have separate boilers for steaming milk and brewing espresso. 

Temperature stability and faster recovery time 

That allows for greater temperature stability and faster recovery time between shots. You can steam milk and pull shots at the same time. Without having to wait for the machine to heat up or cool down between tasks.

PID temperature control 

Another important feature of prosumer machines is PID temperature control. PID stands for Proportional-Integral-Derivative. It allows you to set and maintain the temperature of the water in the boiler. Within a degree or two of your desired temperature. 

Precise temperature

This precise temperature control ensures that the coffee is extracted at the optimal temperature and in turn it results in best taste and aroma.

Commercial-grade pumps 

Prosumer machines also feature commercial-grade pumps, which provide consistent pressure during extraction. These pumps are powerful and durable than vibratory pumps found in entry-level machines. It means that they can handle heavy use and produce consistent results over time.

Advanced feature

The advanced features of Best Automatic Espresso Machine often have high-quality build materials and components. 


It composed of boilers and group heads made of stainless steel, brass, or copper, which are durable. 

high-quality pressure gauges 

The machines may also feature high-quality pressure gauges, valves. Along with steam wands which are easier and enjoyable to use.

Benefits Prosumer Espresso Machines

Prosumer espresso machines designed to give users the best coffee in commercial. They come with a range of features that make them ideal for both business and home use. Here are some of the benefits and features you should consider when choosing one: 

  • Powerful: Prosumer espresso machines have powerful pumps
  • Temperature Control: Most prosumer machines come with a variable temperature control system to make your coffee brewed at ideal temperature. This can also prevent over-extraction and burnt flavor.
  • Accuracy and Durability: Prosumer machines designed to be accurate and durable. It may come with a digital display that shows the water temperature and other settings. This helps you quick adjust your brew. 
  • Easy to Use: We used Prosumer machines in easy way. And best for beginners or experienced baristas alike. 

Variations in Prosumer Machines

They often have intuitive interfaces and are easy to clean and maintain. 

Prosumer machines

Prosumer machines are customizable, allowing you to make adjustments for different types of coffee beans and grind levels. 

higher-end prosumer machines 

Some higher-end prosumer machines come with features. Like a built-in grinder or automatic milk frothier. These features can help you create the perfect cup of espresso quick and easy. 


The best prosumer espresso machines on the market are all above that mentioned. These machines offer features such as dual boilers, PID temperature control, and commercial-grade pumps. 

They are expensive than other machines. And designed for serious home baristas who want to make espresso drinks. If you are passionate about espresso, then you use a prosumer espresso machine.